Now That's a Good Question

PJTV has a good roundtable discussion with Glenn Reynolds and Reason‘s Brian Doherty and Tim Cavanaugh — a couple guys I’ve been reading for what seems like ever. And Glenn’s at the PJ mothership in LA for the first time, which is always a nice improvement from the single-cam, tiny home studio environment.


The question they address is: Is Libertarianism a New Trend or a Passing Fad? Interesting answers all around, but I think the major point might have been missed. Libertarianism is about to become a grim necessity, as we’re simply out of money. We have nothing left to feed the behemoth.

But Brian did get the next part right, and that is we still have the opportunity to wind Washington down in an orderly fashion, rather than waiting for a general economic collapse.

It’s a brief moment, however — and where are the leaders to take us through it?


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