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Ready, Aim, Fire

It's about to get a little more dangerous to be a terrorist, thanks to sniper rifle "scopes that 'see' wind turbulence." Read:

It's been years since DARPA put out its original RFI for a "one shot" sniper system, and if you're the type that prefers to kill at extremely long ranges we have some great news for you. The program, which is developing laser scopes that detect and compensate for wind, seems to be somewhat on track (which must really freak DARPA out). It was hoped that the technology would let shooters take down targets at 2,000 meters while enduring forty mile-per-hour crosswinds. Currently, we're looking at something like 1,100 meters and eighteen mile-per-hour winds -- still no mean feat. The next step? To get fifteen field-testable prototypes into the hands of soldiers by next year, to the tune of $7 million.

I really have nothing to add, other than -- Cool.