Slowly! Slowly! It's Too Nice a Job to Rush

Howard Kurtz has the Question of the Day: How aggressive will Darrell Issa be? Not even Issa knows for sure:

No wonder the Democrats are scratching their heads. “One day he’s going to hold 280 hearings a year,” says Jenny Rosenberg, a spokeswoman for outgoing Democratic Chairman Edolphus Towns. “The next day he says that’s the wrong impression of him. Where is he?”

Issa needs to walk a fine line between exposing the corrupt machinations and endless wasteful spending of the last two years, and going all spittle-at-the-mouth Ken Starr on the Administration. Or, perhaps more accurately, giving the Complicit Media the opportunity to portray him as a spittle-at-the-mouth Ken Starr.

Give the Complicit Media just one chance, and they’ll poison the well. And not just Issa’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee, but the entire GOP majority in the House.