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Loud and Clear

What came out of the Democrats' Raucous Caucus? An understanding about the need for... better communications! No, I'm not kidding. Here's the key bit from Politico's report:

If Democrats keep losing the message war, they worry, they will be wiped out in 2012.

“There was a lot of passion in that room,” one senator said. “The reason is because the public is with us on our policies, but they’re not getting the message.”

And who will lead the effort to improve The Message™? You know, The Message™ about how Democratic policies are all rainbows covered in unicorns smothered in bacon, and how the GOP is "beholden to special interests?" Well, it's none other than that trusted and beloved elder statesman of the Democratic caucus: Chuck Schumer.

If you thought the last couple weeks were bad for the Democrats, you ain't seen ugly yet.