The Media Bloodletting, Part IV

Next up to wonder where the magic went, Margaret Carlson — complete with a joke ripped off from Dave Barry. Read:

I’m not one of these people who think Obama should be getting down with the people, or getting emotional. A Slick Willie he isn’t, nor should he try to be.

But he’s being hammered in polls that ask Americans whether he cares about people like them. Where did Mr. Hope and Change go? Even if that was inauthentic, he should bring it back.

It’s a long time now since Obama was a community organizer. Even then, he might have been more comfortable dealing with communities than with individuals. Democrats are best with groups. If I break down on the side of the road, I hope a Republican stops — he’ll fix my flat and offer me a drink. A Democrat will get busy forming a Committee to Protect Women Who Own Vulnerable Cars.


So it’s come to this: One of the Democrats’ most dependable water-carriers is reduced to stealing old gags (from a libertarian!) and encouraging the President to be “inauthentic.”

Stunning. Just. Stunning.

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