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Maybe You Do Raise On a Busted Flush

Yesterday, I wondered whether the Administration was either naïve or aloof, bragging -- to the UN! -- about its lawsuit against Arizona for attempting to help enforce immigration laws. Turns out, there's a third option.

In the comments, John writes:

Odds are they still think this is a winner in Blue States, especially California, and by pushing the lawsuit they can goose Democratic turnout enough to get Boxer and Brown across the finish line.

If that's the case, and it certainly seems plausible, then the White House must have given up any hopes of holding the House. Because this kind of stuff is absolutely going to cost them House seats -- all just to save a couple Democrats in California.

Everybody say it with me now: All just to save a couple Democrats in California.

It's amazing how far and fast the once-mighty are falling.

But we're not there yet. Vote. And bring your friends.