You Don't Raise on a Busted Flush

The State Department lawsuit against Arizona’s “tough” new anti-illegal immigration law (it features requirements so stringent, they’re already mandated in that fascist bastion: Rhode Island) is about as unpopular as the Arizona law is popular. Even über-blue Michigan voters approve by overwhelming margins.


Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton’s State Department is basking in its own sense of self-righteousness in a report to the United Nations. Here’s the whole story from the AP:

PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is demanding that a reference to the state’s controversial immigration law be removed from a State Department report on human rights.
The United States lists its legal challenge to Arizona’s immigration enforcement measure on a list of ways the government is protecting human rights. It’s part of a report to the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights.

In a letter Friday to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Brewer says it is “downright offensive” that a state law would be included in the report.

Arizona’s law requires police enforcing other laws to investigate the immigration status of people they suspect are illegal immigrants. Critics say it will target minorities, but Brewer says it prohibits human rights abuses.


There’s no way of knowing what’s going on inside the Administration these days, but I can make a couple guesses. One, maybe they just don’t give a damn about public opinion anymore, and maybe they never did. Two, they are so disconnected from reality that they think this is a winning hand.

Either way, American voter, your voice isn’t being heard and isn’t even very much welcomed in DC.



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