Baby Steps

Apparently, even the White House is smart enough to realize that Americans are in no mood to be PC-coddled when folks are trying to blow us up:

One thing the undie-bomber accomplished: The White House is using the T-word again. A year ago the Obama Administration backed away from the terrorist lingo so widely used during the Bush era.

In those days, Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano explained the shift in language: “In my speech, although I did not use the word ‘terrorism,’ I referred to ‘man-caused’ disasters. That is perhaps only a nuance, but it demonstrates that we want to move away from the politics of fear.” (Der Spiegel, 3/16/09)

But now, “terrorism” and all its variations are flowing into White House scripts again, appearing at least four times in Obama’s first round of remarks after the Christmas bombing attempt.


I’ll be darned.

But then there’s this, too:

Other Bushie talk, such as “evildoers” and “war on terror,” is still out of vogue — for now.

Just think, we’re only one disaster (and/or several hundred dead Americans) away from having a President who can talk straight.



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