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Rim Shot

Yeah, pretty much everyone has pointed me towards the electric martini shaker.

Part of the beauty of making cocktails is the ritual and all its attendant accoutrements. Over time, you'll find you don't just have a booze of choice, but a favorite cocktail shaker ("It works better, I swear!") or maybe even a jigger you just can't live without. You'll decide which works best for your martini: counting the number of shakes, or timing the duration of shaking. The process becomes -- almost -- an end in itself. I believe this is the same reason heroin remains so popular.

And so I look at this power martini thing with blended feelings of disdain and wonder. The disdain is obvious. The wonder is: What's next, some kind electric screwdriver?

(Yes, I really did write all that just to do a bad electric screwdriver pun.)