Clean Sweep

From the LA Times house blog, here’s some self-defeating cleverness from some clueless Democrats:

MopHere’s what the new administration’s supporters did to help change the perennial partisan tone in the nation’s capitol and bring all sides together for a clean break with the past silliness, while delivering on the eloquent Illinoisan’s campaign vows of real change. Si se puede. They delivered a trio of mops to the Republicans so the now minority party responsible for the last eight years of mess can help clean it up.

Get it? Clean up the Capitol’s mess with mops. Wow, what a nifty visual! And on RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s 51st birthday too. What an original and refreshing break from the comedic playground acts of political operatives there in recent years.


At this point, the best we could possibly hope for is that the entire leadership gets mopped up by the voters next fall.


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