How Deep is the Ocean, How High is This Guy?

The Andy Sullivan pot bust just gets weirder and weirder. Back to Dan Riehl, who pretty much owns this story right now:

The judge’s play is interesting, but not the most interesting bit of all. Still, as Clarice Feldman mentioned in email and has blogged – the judge has now made sure it will be disclosed to immigration. Obama’s Immigration Department now has Andrew by the proverbial ballz. Okay, he might actually like that. But ….

Something StinksThe magistrate insisted on a hearing, asserting this amounted to discriminatory enforcement. In the end, noting that the law was unclear about his authority to compel the U.S. Attorney to proceed with the case, he allowed the case to be dismissed, observing along the way that the immigration argument was ridiculous, that Sullivan has to disclose the arrest to the INS whether or not the U.S. Attorney dropped the case to assist his petition.

But even that isn’t the most interesting point. Levi Johnston has emailed to inform me that Andy’s been having some marital problems at home. He got himself busted intentionally just so he could be put in handcuffs. It’s been weeks since he’s felt the love.


What’s next?


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