A Blog Item of Astounding Uselessness

Wow, I hadn’t heard that Andrew Sullivan got busted for possession of pot. Charges were dropped, questionably, according to the judge involved. It seems the DA insisted the charges be dropped.


Oh, I could go on a rant here, tick off the usual complaints. Here they are in handy list form:

1. It’s amazing the kind of protection you can buy if you switch sides.

2. Briefly consider (then dismiss) “other team” joke relating to 1.

3. Make point about the media feeding frenzy if, say, George Will had been busted for pot.

4. Get distracted at mental image of Will, stoned out of his mind, giggling mindlessly at Harold & Kumar, Chee-toh stains on his bow tie.

5. Get so distracted by 4. that planned rant gets dropped in favor of handy list.

My mental image of Will includes him getting all flustered and demanding of everyone around him, “But what does “pulchritude” mean? What does it mean?”

UPDATE: A retired “felony weight” pot distributor is ready to throw the book at Andrew. “Anybody stupid enough to get busted for dope is a danger to himself and others and should be locked up for the good of society. Dude, if you can’t outsmart a narc . . .”

Dude, indeed.


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