Must-See Radio

This week’s PJM Political is bleary-eyed and looking for a cup of coffee.

No, wait — that’s me. But producer Ed Driscoll tells me this week’s show is already streaming. Remember, you can download or stream from Pajamas Media, listen live on Saturday mornings on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, or subscribe on iTunes.

On the show:

Ed Driscoll interviews Alvin Toffler, the legendary author of the best-selling Future Shock and The Third Wave discusses the technological aspects of our current economic crisis.

Michael Barone of US News & World Report and Real Clear Politics discusses his new article in the DC Examiner titled, “Obama’s 21st century campaign stuck in a mid-20th century program.”

Joe Hicks of PJTV interviews John Avlon, the author of Independent Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics. Avlon explains how some of President Obama’s toughest upcoming battles may be with the leftwing of his own party, not with Republicans. (Joe’s interview with Avlon can be viewed in its entirety at PJTV.)

Plus, Ed and I talk about the “Newspaper Revitalization Act” floated this week by Maryland’s Senator Benjamin Cardin–and President Obama’s sudden hostility to medical marijuana.

Dude, what a show.