Anybody Feeling Sorry for the Guy?

Is the honeymoon over already? Check out this pair of stories. First up, bad news for President Obama out of Washington:

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) said Tuesday that President Obama’s budget plan doesn’t have enough support from lawmakers right now to win approval.

Conrad said that he has spoken to enough colleagues with reservations about several different provisions in the budget that he thinks Congress won’t pass it, at least in its present form.

Conrad urged White House budget director Peter Orszag not to “draw lines in the sand” with lawmakers, most notably on Obama’s plan for a cap-and-trade system to curb carbon emissions.

Then there’s this bit of bad news for President Obama out of Washington:

The battle over the “Employee Free Choice Act” — expected to be introduced Tuesday — is seen as a power struggle among labor unions and businesses, as well as a test of whether moderate Democrats and Republicans will push back on Democratic congressional leaders and the Obama administration.

At least six Senators who have voted to move forward with the so-called card-check proposal, including one Republican, now say they are opposed or not sure — an indication that Senate Democratic leaders are short of the 60 votes they need for approval.

When a Democratic President can’t get Big Labor and Big Spending bills through a Democratic Congress, he might just be in trouble.