Must-See Radio

It’s an all-new edition of PJM Political. On the big show this week:

Pajamas Media’s DC editor Jennifer Rubin on recent pundits on both sides of aisle who supported President Obama in the fall of 2008 who are rapidly becoming disillusioned, and the White House War on Rush Limbaugh.

James Lileks (recently voted one of top 25 bloggers of 2009 by Time magazine) on President Obama’s recent snubs of England.

Ed Driscoll interviews Aryeh Green (no relation), the director of the Jerusalem-based MediaCentral, on biased MSM coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I debate Will Wilkinson of the CATO Institute on “Liberaltarianism”—Wilkinson’s proposed fusion of liberalism and libertarianism, as a bulwark against libertarians putting all their eggs in one (GOP) basket.

Hosted by yours truly, who finally (mostly) has his voice back, and produced by Ed Driscoll.