Required Reading & Listening & Laughing

I’ll admit right up front that Michele Catalano was my second blog crush, back in the early days of 2002. She’d come and go under various guises (and various blogs, too, I think) and somehow I’d always find out where she was writing.


Now, she tells me — we caught up again, this time via Twitter — that she’s started a music blog. Capsule album reviews. Deeply personal. Hysterically, often coarsely, funny. In other words, exactly what you’d expect if Michele were writing album reviews. Which she is. And thank goodness for that.

I read a couple last night, then scrolled down to read more. Then clicked back to read even older reviews. Ended up staying awake past midnight (a rare hour for the parent of a two-year-old) until I quite literally ran out of stuff to read.

Yeah, I’ve got another blog crush. Same girl, new blog. Check it out.


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