No, Really, Seriously, Does He Have Robert Rubin On Speed Dial?

More transition news:

Leading the Obama-Biden Transition Project are [old Clinton hand John] Podesta; Valerie Jarrett, a close friend of Obama’s; and Pete Rouse, Obama’s former Senate chief of staff. Its work can be monitored online via Obama hopes to quickly name a Treasury secretary, a decision that will set the tone for his relationship with the battered financial world, and is expected to name his chief of staff, most likely Emanuel, this week.


SecTreas will be the most important appointment Obama makes in the short-to-medium term. Looking farther down the road, his SecDef and SecState will likely prove just as important. For SecDef, Obama might do well to pick a moderate-to-liberal Republican, like Clinton did with William Cohen.

Doubtful we’ll get that lucky with the State Department though. Not that it much matters — SecStates always seem to get “captured” by the bureaucrats entrenched at Foggy Bottom.


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