Prolier; forfend; Evian spelled backward is Naive

I had to look up the word ‘prolier’ just now, glad I did, means a member of the proletariat, which explains why I had not heard the word ‘prole’ before, I’m successfully weak in Marxist terminology.

Then I read the occasionally indispensable George Will today (“Yankee Fan Go Home“) and this

“We,” says Geoff Garin, a Clinton strategist who possesses the audacity of hopelessness required in that role, “don’t think this is just going to be about some numerical metric.” Mere numbers? Heaven forfend. That is how people speak when numerical metrics — numbers of popular votes and delegates — are inconvenient.

followed by this

Most of all, she was too late in understanding how much the Democratic Party’s mania for “fairness,” as mandated by liberals like her, has, by forbidding winner-take-all primaries, made it nearly impossible for her to overcome Obama’s early lead in delegates. If Democrats, who genuflect at the altar of “diversity,” allowed more of it in their delegate selection process, things might look very different. If even, say, Texas, California and Ohio were permitted to have winner-take-all primaries (as 48 states have winner-take-all allocation of their electoral votes), Clinton would have been more than 400 delegates ahead of Obama before Tuesday and today would be at her ancestral home in New York planning to return some of its furniture to the White House next January.

got me to feeling so good I have decided to leave my friend’s apartment in DC (I’m here for a brief vacation) and go to the National Mall to join the other proletariaters people who happen to be there today. Maybe I’ll see Christopher Hitchens. That would, like, totally rock.