Hurry, March

Be gone, foul February. Too many deaths to endure. But I am still alive, therefore I must be stronger.

First, my beloved dog Samantha was put to sleep by humane euthanasia, with me kneeling at her side, following a losing battle against canine pancreatitis.

Then, Buckley.

Now, another blow. Perhaps other members of Steelers Nation have not yet read that Myron Cope has died. Cope was the radio voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers for the past several decades, and the creator of the Terrible Towel. What a character he was. Yoi and double yoi! He was once asked how he would like to be remembered, and he took a moment and wrote his own epitaph: “Creator of Towel Dead”.

I’m left with two thoughts. Each of these three brought fun, adventure and joy into my life, though in entirely different ways. And,… that’s three. That’s enough.