Minsk Weighs In

Justin E. H. Smith at 3 Quarks Daily provides something else to read during Super Tuesday. The leading newspaper in Minsk, Belarus decided to endorse two of our candidates.

Did they endorse Hillary? Huckabee?

    “Even in Soviet times we had saying: ‘The Woman: it is also Person!’ In Belarus, we have many women in political offices. For example, Nadezhda Kholstyak is undersecretary of Dairy and Eggs, and Academician Elena Ostrovskaya is ad hoc advisor for the problems relating to Chernobyl Incident.


    “What about Huckabee? Would he not eat a pig’s foot in aspic after making daily sport routine? Would he not spread goose fat on his craquelins, not even ‘on a lark’? How would his healthy regime go over, we wonder, at a state dinner with President Lukashenko?”

There’s *belch* more.

h/t: NRO