I Get No Kick from Champagne

But I Get a Kick Out of You

Colorado residents don’t need to be told who Douglas Bruce is — he’s the guy who gave us TABOR. And we’re thankful for that. But even non-Coloradans will know Bruce as “the guy who kicked that reporter.” Read:


Bruce pulled up in his “MR TABOR” license-plated car about 8 a.m. with a jar of Jelly Bellies that hinted at Ronald Reagan’s sweet tooth. Things soured two hours later, when Bruce kicked a photographer who tried to snap his picture during the House’s morning prayer.

Typically, Bruce was unrepentant:

Bruce refused to apologize, saying the photographer was the one who owed him an apology.

“He needs to get a lesson in manners and decorum,” Bruce said. “He ought to be ashamed of himself.”

Word of the kick spread fast around the Capitol as lawmakers hit the Internet to watch the news video.

I’m searching for a link to that video. Trust me.


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