It Ain't Over 'Til the Lady With Wide Hips Sings

With 65% reporting, and Clinton up by 5,000+ votes, it’s time to call New Hampshire for Hillary. Nice try, Barack, but the knockout just didn’t happen.


How’d I do? Man, I suck at predictions.

I thought McCain vs Romney would come down to a few hundred or a couple thousand votes. Instead, it was a bit of a blowout for McCain. Also, I thought Paul would get 10% or better in third place. Dr Paul came in fifth at less than 8%. I was wrong, but I’m giggling. Where were all of the Paulistinians in America’s most libertarian state? Hmm? Having a few internet ballot-box stuffers does not a campaign make.

I’m a little shocked that New Hampshire voters went for Huckabee in much bigger numbers than for Paul. And a little disappointed in them, too. But, hey, it’s not like they picked the Huckster to win, and that makes New Hampshire about eight times smarter than Iowa.

For the Democrats, I thought Obama had a shot at breaking 45%, leaving Clinton with less than 30%. Couldn’t have called that more wrong — unless I’d gone off my meds and predicted a big Kucinich surge. But if Venus ever becomes an American colony… then look out, because Dennis is comin’ on strong!


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