So here’s the deal: Video is freakin’ complicated. All I wanted to do was make some fake YouTube videos for the Republican debate Wednesday night. Somehow, I ended up having to buy the latest version of Final Cut Express, building a green screen from scratch, figuring out how to use studio strobes as hot lights, and staying up half the night learning how to use it all.


Of course, as the parent of a two year old, “up half the night” now means “up until nearly 11pm.” We’re all getting older, right?

What does Wednesday hold in store? All day, you can expect to see my video questions for the Republican candidates appearing unexpectedly at Then, at 8pm Eastern, I’ll drunkblog the debate right here at VodkaPundit. Immediately following, call it 10pm or so, PJM will post my post-debate wrap-up. Then I’m going to have a very large glass of cheap red wine and pass the hell out.

It’s important to have goals.

See you tomorrow.


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