Mugged by Reality


Randi Rhodes was mugged on Sunday night on 39th Street and Park Ave, nearby her Manhattan apartment, while she was walking her dog Simon.

According to Air America Radio late night host Jon Elliott, Rhodes was beaten up pretty badly, losing several teeth and will probably be off the air for at least the rest of the week. At of late Monday night we have not able to locate any press accounts of the attack and nothing has been posted on the AAR website.


I know this is hardly the time for cruel honesty, immediately after a brutal assault. But when you work for Air America, muggers are going to pretty much assume that you walk around unarmed.

UPDATE: Not mugged, after all.

FURTHER UPDATE: Welcome, “Sadly, No!” readers. Just to clarify, the victim — if any — is never asking for it. But it’s sure nice when they have a fighting chance at fighting back, no?


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