The Juggernaut Who Lost Congress?

David Broder is the perfect Washington creature. His brain is so wired into the Beltway’s conventional wisdom, that he’s not even aware of it. Which is why today’s column is so shocking:


But I’m more persuaded by [Republican Congressman Tom Cole’s] argument that Republicans have little to fear from a Hillary Clinton candidacy. “That is no landslide election,” he said. “The Republican nominee, whoever he is, wins at least 43, 44, 45 percent against her, and that gives us a base for congressional races.

“She is not going to carry Georgia or Kansas or Texas, and we have good candidates running against shaky Democrats in every one of those states. There are Democrats sitting in 61 districts that Bush carried; 47 that he carried twice. We are on the offensive in those districts,” he said.

That may seem implausible, but Cole has history on his side.

Read the whole thing.


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