State Of The Union

It’s been like this for weeks now in the comments and occasionally in my email: “Where’s Steve, huh? What’d you do, dump him in the gutter somewhere? Huh? HUH?!? So where is he, dude?”

Okay, okay. Here’s the deal: Steve’s busy. He’s not dead, he’s not divorced, he didn’t defect to North Korea, and he certainly didn’t convert to the Old Amish Order and give up computers or booze. He’s just busy.

So, while he’s busy, you people are just going to have to put up with me. I’ll be stepping up my blogging here as much as I’m able, and when Martini Boy gets the time, like Ahnoldt, he’ll be baaaack. If anybody needs to reach me, just send an email to blog -at- (give it until Friday, the setup hasn’t populated quite yet). I promise to read it, unless you’re a representative of a deposed African dictator looking for an account in which to stow several million American dollars.

That’s it for now, so quit reading and go have a drink. I know I will.