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I like Colin Cowherd's show on ESPN radio, even though I don't get to listen to it (or any afternoon radio) all that often. Have to say I'll probably be listening to Cowherd a lot less after reading this story.

Seems that Cowherd read, on the air, a copy of this (very funny) post about former Texas quarterback Vince Young's problems with the NFL's "Wonderlic" IQ test. The post originated on the consistently entertaining M-Zone Michigan fan blog (I've linked to it before), but Cowherd didn't credit the source on the air. The M-Zone guys emailed him about it, and got the following response:



Cowherd made things worse by going out of his way to insult other listeners who complained by email. Uncool, to say the least. Even if Cowherd didn't know the joke originated on a blog when he first read it (which would be understandable), he didn't do himself any favors by acting like a jerk when the facts were pointed out to him.

As I observed a while back, MSM arrogance certainly isn't confined to the news or editorial sections. Cowherd ought to get over himself, and apologize.

UPDATE: According to Gelf, somebody at ESPN got Cowherd's attention; he's expected to credit M-Zone for the bit on Monday:

Cowherd will credit M Zone on his next show, airing Monday, ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz told Gelf on Friday afternoon. "Reading listeners' emails on the air is a regular part of the show," Krulewitz said. "The entertaining material discussed came from a listener email without any reference to a website. We've since been made aware of where it came from and plan to give Michiganzone the credit the next time Colin's on the air, on Monday."


Gelf asked Krulewitz if emails attributed to Cowherd and published on M Zone were real, and if so, if ESPN was OK with Cowherd calling his critics "whiners." Krulewitz said of the emails, "We think they were inappropriate, and we spoke to Colin about them, and he admits that he overreacted."

Gelf sent this post to Yost and the other folks at M Zone. They replied by email, "Wow. I'm stunned. That's all we ever wanted. If that indeed happens, I consider this matter resolved."

UPDATE UPDATE: Cowherd made a very handsome apology on Monday. Click here for an MP3 of his comments.