Ghost Brigades

There are few pleasures finer than a novel where the author has enough Big Ideas to create an interesting, compelling, and exciting world. It’s even better when the author has enough small ideas to give you characters you can care about. Anyway, that’s what I thought about John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War when I read it last year.


So I have to admit to a little trepidation when I head John was writing a sequel, Ghost Brigades. Would he have enough Big Ideas left to expand on what had come before? Even if it didn’t, I figured it would still be lots of fun to spend a little more time in John’s world.

Well, Ghost Brigades was a lot of fun. Even better, John still has plenty of Big Ideas left to fill a second book. With any luck, he’ll have enough for a third and a fourth. I can’t wait.

PS After reading the acknowledgements, I have to add: You’re welcome, John!


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