Pardon the Language

I can’t understand why anyone would want to protest the Olympics. Yet here they go:

Hundreds of street protesters, denouncing the Winter Games, forced Olympic torch bearers to change route through the host city on Thursday on the eve of the opening ceremony.

Games organizers diverted the flame from the protest site after the demonstrators gathered on the planned route and police warned of possible harm to torch bearers or spectators.

“We’ve succeeded today in making our voices heard,” a protest organizer called Marco shouted through a loud speaker. “They’ve diverted the flame.”


If Marco’s message to the world is that he’s a brat, then: We hear you loud and clear, buddy! Most annoying was this:

But a protester called Federico said: “Turin is using this as a showcase to the world. Why shouldn’t we use the same showcase to protest?”

Because the Olympics are about the athletes, and not any spoiled little shits who can do nothing better than get in the way.


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