The Swedish Empire Strikes Back

My precious is finally bringing some hurt on all those upstart vodkas:

“Our strategy of one source and just-in-time production gives Absolut a unique advantage in an increasingly crowded market,” says Bengt Baron, CEO of Absolut parent V&S Group of Stockholm.

A saturated market is more like it. Absolut pioneered the premium vodka segment in 1979, using stylish packaging and clever advertising to convince consumers to shell out an unheard-of $20 a bottle. After two decades as the undisputed king of the heap, Absolut is now feeling the pinch as a slew of new brands and flavors hit the market. In recent years, more than 100 vodkas have launched in the U.S. alone, helping knock Absolut’s share down from 58% in 1999 to 36.5% in 2004.



(Hat tip to the GZ Expat.)


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