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Don't Go Away Mad

Maybe The Krauthammer Solution for dropping Harriet Miers is coming to pass:

"People can learn about Harriet Miers through hearings," Bush said, speaking briefly to reporters after a Cabinet meeting, "but we are not going to destroy this business about people being able to walk in the Oval Office and say, 'Mr. President, here's my advice to you, here's what I think is important.' And that's not only important for this president, it's important for future presidents."

Libertarians don't like her, lots of social conservatives don't trust her, and strict constructionists think she's a lightweight. That's an awful lot of Bush supporters (even tepid ones like myself) who would like to see someone - almost anyone - other than Miers appointed to the Court.

How much longer can Bush hold on to her, now that the Senate is playing by Krauthammer's script?