Moving Closer

How do you spell “Anglosphere?” N, S, S, P:

India and the United States on Monday formally announced the completion of discussions on the Next Stage of Strategic Partnership (NSSP) with both President George W Bush and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh committing themselves to promoting a broad-based strategic partnership.

Addressing a joint press conference at the White House after a one-on-one in camera meeting, President Bush said that both countries were the world’s two great democracies, and had the onerous responsibility of being committed to work together for a better and safer world.

“The Governments of India and United States are working together to safeguard our interests. We are introducing new steps in our defence relationship, recently signed framework. That will help our two nations to achieve our common security objectives. We are working together on terrorism, which will help us protect our people and make the world a safer place. We are also committed to increasing the prosperity of people of India and America alike. We have completed (the process of) Next Steps in Strategic Partnership. Completing this partnership will help us further enhance our cooperation in areas of civil nuclear, civil space, and hi-technology commerce,” Bush said.



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