The Day After

Some scattershot, early-morning stuff:

I repeat my statement from first thing this morning: Bush has won, period. There aren’t enough “conditional” votes left in Ohio to get Kerry past Bush’s margin there. Nevada, New Mexico, and Iowa (the latter to my surprise) are going in Bush’s column. Kerry wins Wisconsin (again, to my surprise) with a small margin.


Your final score: Bush 286, Kerry 252.

RedState is gloating, and rightly so. They helped raise money for the six Republican Senate takeovers (North and South Carolina, South Dakota, Florida, Louisiana, and Georgia); DailyKos, on the other hand, went 0-for-12 after raising over half a million dollars for hard-left House and Senate candidates. All of them lost yesterday.

The editorial page of the Argus Leader in South Dakota has nothing to say about John Thune’s victory. Imagine that!


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