Next at Bat: America?

The EU has sprung into action – again! Read:

VIENNA, Austria (AP) – Iran is unlikely to accept European incentives aimed at getting it to suspend uranium enrichment, diplomats said Thursday, raising the prospect of a showdown next month between Tehran and the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency.

Envoys from Britain, France and Germany offered civilian nuclear technology and a trade deal to the Iranians in a private meeting at the French mission to international organizations in Vienna. But Western diplomats said they doubt Iran will back down easily.

Iran did not immediately respond to the incentives, which included the promise of lucrative trade, a light-water nuclear research reactor and the chance to buy nuclear fuel from the West.

Europe couldn’t buy off a land-hungry dictator with coveted bits of Czechoslovakia – so what makes them think they can buy off nuke-hungry with promises cash and trade?