WWKD (What Will Kerry Do?)

Good news is bad news for Camp Kerry:

U.S. consumer prices inched up just 0.1 percent last month as gasoline and car prices tumbled, the government said on Thursday in a report suggesting an inflation spike earlier this year was an aberration.

A separate report showed initial claims for jobless benefits gained less than expected last week, implying the job market was a touch stronger than analysts had thought. For the first time in weeks, the claims data appeared unaffected by hurricanes, the Labor Department said.


That’s the data for August, leaving Kerry with only September’s reports to bolster him before the November 2 election. Jobs creation could still be stronger, but with the unemployment rate at only 5.4% after three years of war, oil spikes, and now hurricanes. . .

. . .well, it’s really no wonder Kerry hasn’t gained much traction with the jobs issue. And unless next month’s reports are unexpectedly bad, he never will.

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