Tools of the Trade

Campaigns & Elections magazine has a new political blog directory. Not only is it useful, but I’ve found some good new-to-me blogs there.


As I dig through C&E’s site, I found their Political Oddsmaker section by Ron Faucheux. Currently, Ron puts Bush’s odds at 50.5 out of 100.

Suprising to me, though, is that in the Colorado Senate race, he picks Democrat Ken Salazar over Republican Pete Coors by eight-tenths of a point. I know polls show Bush and Kerry tied here, but don’t buy it. The last time this state voted for a Democrat was 1992, and Clinton only won because voters here were ga-ga for Perot. Or, rather, they were fed up with Bush 41.

My take: Bush will carry Colorado and take Coors with him. Too bad he doesn’t drink anymore.