What Election?

I haven’t said a word about my old hometown Cardinals, because I didn’t want to jinx what was looking like a very good thing. But I just can’t hold it in any more.


As of tonight, with 94 wins and 48 losses, the Cards have the best record in the MLB. Better even than the Yankees, at 90-53. And it’s not like the National League Central Division (where the Cards play more of their games than anywhere else) is all that weak this year. The worst team in NL Central (the 62-79 Brewers) is the strongest last-place team in the majors.

The Braves or Dodgers could stop the Cards in the primaries — er, playoffs — and we all know what happens to teams who go up against the Yankees.

My boys haven’t won a pennant since 1987, or a World Series since 1982. Could this, at long last, be their year? I don’t know. But it’s gonna be one hell of an exciting October.

NOTE: Certain people might take offense that I didn’t mention the Cubbies as potential spoilers. Sorry, but even the Giants have a better shot at nabbing the wildcard spot.

ANOTHER NOTE: Typing “wildcard spot” in a baseball post still makes me cringe.

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