Today’s “oh, that liberal media” example has to be this jaw-dropper from Katharine Sellye in today’s NY Times:

Some Republicans are hoping that the rearrangement will also exorcise the ghost of Zell Miller, whose toxic speech Wednesday night left the party with a brutal hangover. They can only hope that Mr. Miller’s laceration of his fellow Democrat John Kerry will set in lofty relief Mr. Bush’s optimistic and forward-looking approach.

Uh, which Republicans are those, Ms. Sellye? I haven’t seen, heard, or read a single one today who didn’t love Miller’s speech. Other than David Gergen, I mean. You sure you’re not referring to your pals in the press corps who’d like to turn back the clock to the wimpy feel-your-pain focus grouped pablum of the 1990’s conventions?

I’ve been having a good giggle at all the “Georgia Democrats are shocked” stories in the press today. I live in metro Atlanta, and I’m here to tell you–Zell Miller could get elected God in Georgia this morning. The people you’re seeing quoted in the press are the remnants of a party that’s being systematically swept out of power after a hundred years of arrogant and corrupt dominance.

Ten years ago, Democrats ran the whole show down here. After the next couple of elections, they may not hold a single statewide office, or either branch of the legislature–Miller’s speech itself is going to swing untold thousands of former “yellow dogs” in south Georgia into the Republican column. I fully expect the remaining GA Dems to become close echoes of their Texas cousins (see Paul Begala, Molly Ivins, Jim Hightower, Ann Richards); just as nasty, just as embittered, and just as repulsive to the state electorate.

And they know it, which is why you’re hearing so many teeth being gnashed from these parts this morning.

UPDATE: A reader correctly notes that NRO’s Rich Lowry was counted among the non-lovers of Miller’s speech. I think Lowry is still too attuned to the 90’s media fixation on “not scaring soccer moms” with strong straightforward political language. This is not 1996, this is 2004, and wartime. But the point is taken; reaction to Miller from the right wasn’t 100% positive.

It was about 99% positive.