Random Thought

I read fiction quickly, because I want to find out how it ends.

I read history slowly, because I already know how it ends (with me here at my desk enjoying a martini) and because I’m very curious to know how it happened.


Which partly explains why I haven’t posted much. If you think I read history slowly, you ought to see me try writing about it — especially now that we’re so much in the thick of history again.

So, yeah, I’m still trying to finish that thing I told you about earlier. If it’s not done tonight, then I’m calling it quits and getting on with the usual blather.

UPDATE: I swear to Whomever I’m almost done with this thing. If I can trim another 300 words off of it, it’ll be suitable for the blog.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I got the damn thing (barely) under 3,000 words. And I give it to you for free. Once again, I ask — who’s the hardest-working blog in the business?


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