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Scott Canty writes:

I don’t know what happened to him, but Andrew [Sullivan] is in the weeds and he desperately needs help. Can you slap some sense into him? I’ve been reading the slow disintegration this week, but I knew he had lost it when I read this:

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “As few as five people in black robes can look at a particular issue and determine for the rest of us, insinuate for the rest of us that they are speaking as the majority will. They are not.” – Rep. John Hostettler, the Republican who authored the bill that would strip federal courts of the right to consider the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act. But, of course, it could also be said about the five Supreme Court Justices who made George W. Bush the president of the United States. The Republicans love courts when they reach the right decision; they just despise them when they don’t.

If he’s parroting the “selected, not elected” line, he didn’t just drink the Kool Aid, he free based the powder.


I saw that last night — at about the same time I decided I’d rather drink beer than blog. Go figure.

Anyway. This one time, I’m willing to give Sully the benefit of the doubt. I think he’s simply making the case that, when it comes to judicial activism, Republicans can be hypocrites just like the Democrats.

I think.

But if Sullivan brings it up a second time, then we’ll both know for sure that he’s done something with the Kool-Aid.



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