Home Field Advantage?

Time to lay off the Kerry-bashing for a moment — ’cause this is kinda cool:

It’s not exactly President Bush’s surprise flight to Baghdad before Thanksgiving, but John Kerry redirected his flight tonight to Boston to catch the Red Sox-Yankees Game at Fenway Park and to add a little excitement to the Democratic nominating convention that begins tomorrow.

“We’re going to the Yankees-Red Sox game. Right now. This is true,” Mr. Kerry told reporters on his campaign plane, telling them he couldn’t stand to miss a crucial game between the die-hard rivals.

A stunt? You bet. But it’s a good one. Just one problem:

The boos about equaled the applause when Mr. Kerry was introduced at the game and it’s still unclear what the surprise visit will do to his support in New York.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Kerry’s home state is in play. Not now, not ever. But that’s still a whole lotta boos for the hometown favorite.