Still Turning in His Grave

Las Vegas KVBC-TV reports:

Fahrenheit 9/11 producer Michael Moore is speaking out in support of Linda Ronstadt… following the singer’s eviction from the Aladdin Hotel-Casino. But, as News 3’s Steve Crupi reports, some concert-goers still think the Aladdin did the right thing.

Rita and Jim Bonilla have been huge fans of Linda Ronstadt for decades. “I love the way she sings.” And they sat in the second row at the Aladdin for Saturday’s infamous concert. But when Ronstadt began praising filmmaker Michael Moore they weren’t happy. “I was kinda stunned. People started booing, including myself and my husband.” And minutes after that, Ronstadt was kicked off the property by hotel management. In response, Michael Moore published a letter on his website attacking the Aladdin’s actions.

Michael Moore’s statement not only demands an apology, it offers to have Moore and Ronstadt appear on stage at the hotel to sing America The Beautiful, followed by a free screening of Fahrenheit 9/11.

How about first, we get an apology from Linda Ronstadt for forever ruining a perfectly good Buddy Holly tune?