Since Instapundit Has the Afternoon Off. . .

. . .I’ll say it: Crushing of dissent on campus?


Showing profound contempt for free speech, Occidental College in Los Angeles has fired the student host of a popular student radio program and found him guilty of sexual harassment due to satirical jokes made on the air. Occidental also used this controversy as a pretext for the unprecedented decision to dissolve its entire student government and assume control of nearly half a million dollars in funds from student fees. Occidental then began a campaign of false accusations and distortions to justify, after the fact, its illiberal actions. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which has spearheaded the defense of student radio host Jason Antebi since he was removed from his show last March, has formed a national coalition of organizations and is launching a public campaign to oppose Occidental’s outrageous actions.


Now read the entire — and entirely outrageous — story here.


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