Drudge has the following no-link teaser:

Close associate of Osama bin Laden, Khaled al-Harbi, surrenders to Saudi security officials in Tehran, Saudi official says…

I’m looking for a link right the hell now.

UPDATE: The Guardian reports that

A suspected al-Qaida militant from Saudi Arabia has flown back to his homeland from the Iranian-Afghan border region to surrender under a government amnesty, state television said today.

Khaled al-Harbi, also known as Abu Suleiman al-Makki, gave himself up at the Saudi embassy in Tehran, according to the report. Television pictures showed a wheelchair-bound Mr Harbi being carried off a plane on arrival in the kingdom.

UPDATE: From News24

A disabled wanted Saudi militant and suspected al-Qaeda leader has turned himself in to authorities under a royal amnesty, the interior ministry announced on Tuesday.

“The wanted Saudi Khaled bin Odeh bin Mohammed al-Harbi, alias Abu Suleiman al-Makki, who had been in the Iranian-Afghan border region, contacted the (Saudi) embassy in Iran”, state television reported, quoting an interior ministry official.

Harbi said he wanted to take up the amnesty offer and was flown to Saudi Arabia after an identity check, the official said.

“Since he is paralysed, he will be transferred directly to hospital to receive medical treatment,” he said.

State TV showed Harbi being carried down a plane and put on a wheelchair. He was accompanied by a woman and a teenager.

He is only the third militant to surrender since the one-month amnesty was offered on June 23, but does not figure on a most-wanted list of suspected Islamist militants.

The headline to the News24 report reads, “Al-Qaeda ‘leader’ surrenders.”

And, yes, those are scare quotes around the word “leader.” Maybe from now on I’ll type News24 as “News”24.