Place Yer Bets

The New York Post says Kerry has decided on Gephardt for veep. I saw Susan Estrich on Fox News last night saying she’d bet her house the pick was Edwards. Personally, I think the Post is probably right; by all accounts, Kerry was deeply offended by Edwards not “knowing his place” in the Democratic hierarchy, and I get the impression that John French Kerry is not the kind of guy who’ll drop a grudge easily.


But then again, I was the political genius who declared Kerry “toast” about two weeks before Iowa. I also flatly predicted that Kerry would pick Evan Bayh for veep, which looks, ah, unlikely at this time. And then there’s this (hat tip to Pejman).

The above information is provided for entertainment purposes only… so place your bets. The Drinks, they are open for wagering.

UPDATE, 8AM: As if to mock me, the AP and most of the networks are now saying it’s Edwards.

UPDATE, 8:30 AM: Kerry emails supporters that it’s Edwards (from NRO).

This is why I don’t go to Vegas.


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