Weekend Reading

Landscapers, electrician, hardware to install — the works. No blogging for Steve today. So here are some links to keep you as busy as I’m going to be.


Ralph Peters says, “In this war, if you’re not winning, you’re losing.”

Moe offers perspective on yesterday’s torture video.

Joe Gandelman reminds us that life goes on, and quite nicely, too.

Vaclav Havel argues that it is “time to act” on North Korea.

Charles Krauthammer declares Intifada II is over, and that the Palestinians lost.

Andrew Sullivan might not be able to endorse Bush, but he’s endorsing Dick Cheney’s anti-NYT position.

I can’t say I (yet) endorse this argument, but it bears examination.

News flash: Mel Gibson is rich and powerful.

News flash: European diplomacy yields disappointing results.

News flash: Jeff Goldstein is still funny.

NOTE: And why didn’t I blog tonight? It was either that, or watch the new David Mamet movie. Not exactly a tough call.


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