Britain isn’t the only EU country where the incumbent party is in trouble:

The European parliamentary election confirmed a clear trend in German politics: The SPD and Chancellor Schroeder are on their way out. Today, Sunday, June 13, the Socialists registered their worst election loss in postwar history, dropping at least 7 percentage points to a projected 22%. The conservative Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) took advantage of the Socialist’s collapse to claim two times as many votes with a projected 46% result, giving them the largest number of seats from Germany’s 99 seats in the European parliament.


And then:

The election results in the state of Thuringia were a further disaster for the SPD, with the party dropping over 4% to an abysmal 14.5% of the vote there. If the Greens are unable to pass the 5% hurdle to gain seats the state parliament, the CDU will have the absolute majority.

Signs of a wider trend? Maybe not — voter turnout (a problem only in America, claim europhiles) was miserable.

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