Crushing Of Dissent In Atlanta

This is one of the more outrageous things I’ve read in quite a while. The public statements of one Vera Rorie, the Assistant Dean for Campus Life at Emory University in Atlanta, recently found their way onto the internet. Ms. Rorie subsequently received a critical email (gasp!) from an individual not associated with either the university or the local College Republicans chapter. Upon reading said email, Rorie abruptly cancelled a meeting with the CR leadership, and has refused contact with them ever since (nearly three months ago now).


Rorie’s “logic” in cancelling the meeting? Here are her own words, in an email to the CR representatives:

My office had offered to assist the College Republicans in planning an event that would bring a conservative speaker of your choice to campus. In light of the attached email and link it is clear that you are not interested in practing [sic] community. The information you provided to outsiders is the source of the enclosed personal attacts [sic] on me. I am rescinding the offer to meet.I will not participate in email name calling or personal assaults.

You got that? Here we have a high-profile college administrator, whose job is to oversee the “campus life” of students saying, in effect, “If you dare tell anybody else what I’ve said, and they respond to me in a way I don’t like, I’ll cut you off completely, you miserable little fascists.”

Folks, I submit that somebody this immature and thin-skinned has no business dealing with even 18-year-olds. Ms. Rorie should clearly look into a line of work more in line with her sensitive nature. Like, say, kindergarten teacher.


Kudos to Erin O’Connor, Jonah, and Emory’s Dr. Harvey Klehr for getting this story out. Here’s a complete rundown of the story from a mirror of the Emory CR website (the actual site is jammed; just keep scrolling down).

Oh, did I mention that there’s been absolutely no word of this in the local paper? Nah, why bother–you probably already guessed that.

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