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Mail Bag

Tom P writes:

The Berg family was sandbagged in their grief by an AP reporter who told them for the first time that their family member had been decapitated and the video of the murder was online. An AP photographer was on hand to record the family's response. The father collapsed on the sidewalk in tears.

If you have any comments about the AP ambushing a grieving family in this way, and about their eagerness to print photos of humiliation inflicted on Iraqi POW's but not the torture/murder of Americans, go to this link of the directors and board members of the AP.


The CEO of AP is Tom Curley; you may need to drop him a note via snail mail.

The flack is Jack Stokes at 212-621-1720.

SEE ALSO: http://www.thatliberalmedia.com/archives/001984.html virge comments as reference....

ALSO: The Washington Post report, linked below, fails even to mention the fact that Berg, like Daniel Pearl, was Jewish. Can this really be irrelevant? Can they really believe this is irrelevant?


Do with all that contact info what you will. . .