Sometime in the first or second week of June, we’re getting a new kitchen.

I don’t mean to brag or anything — except that I do — but we’ll be getting gorgeous maple cabinetry, a duel-fuel range to replace the all-electric POS we’ve been cooking on for over a year now, and a microwave made in the post-dial-timer era.


Maple and brushed stainless steel, from floor to ceiling, baby — we here at VodkaPundit are finally stepping into the Late ’90s.

Of course, during the construction (and also during the demolition, which Melissa and I will do our cost-conscious selves), I won’t be able to do much blogging. Sure, our contractor will be supervising everything, but I’ll have to supervise him.

So I’ve asked Will Collier to sub for me for a few days next month. He hasn’t yet said yes, but I haven’t yet sent him his wedding gift, either. Needless to say, I feel confident he’ll agree.

(Not that I’m putting any pressure on you or anything, Will, but I know where you work, and my bride has access to LockMart’s entire computer network.)

Short version: VodkaPundit will be taking a brief summer non-vacation next month, but with Will around, you’ll never notice the difference.

Except, of course, for the quite-noticeable increase in blogging output, coherence, link-worthiness, sensibility, etc.


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